Apocalypse Made Easy!

This is a satirical team-based survival training game that runs as a mobile web app. It consists of four different scenarios, each focused on a different aspect of survival preparedness. After securing a grant to develop it, I worked as the producer, designer, and lead writer.

Includes excerpts of a gameplay script, narrative branches diagram, a narrative snippet, and the plot summary.


Sounds Like the End

A pair of crew members must escape a sinking cruise ship using only their senses of hearing and touch. While also being chased by a murderer. This is a work-in-progress personal project being developed with Unity for iOS and Android.

Includes excerpts from the creative bible (plot summary, characters, environments, gameplay, and narrative beats).


Mars Rover Exhibit

Writing for an exhibit developed by NGX Interactive for the HR MacMillan Space Centre.

Includes excerpts of an overall concept and a research document.


Okanagan College

As part of their website and web services redesign process, I was contracted to complete an environmental scan of college websites, contribute to a needs assessment, and develop interactive tools to facilitate their stakeholder engagement process.

Includes excerpts from the final report, environmental scan, and guidelines for using the web testing tool that I developed.


Assorted Fiction

In my spare time I sometimes write longer-form fiction.

Below are excerpts from Like I'm Made to Save, a completed novel about a man that sells morality by prescription; Rabbits on Enterprise, a novel-in-progress about a young woman whose small town is literally ruined by an electrical utility; and Senator Richard Growling, a short story about a Canadian senator with a truly monstrous mandate.

Like I'm Made to Save Rabbits on Enterprise Senator Richard Growling

Animal Train

Some design and concept mockups that I wrote for fun. In this game your job would be to manage unruly animals aboard a train by strategically placing them in different seats/cars.

Includes crude mockups and design ideas. And I do mean crude. I made them in PowerPoint for some reason.


Agents of Discovery

I developed the initial idea for Agents of Discovery (a cross-platform iOS/Android game) while working at a technology-based non-profit. Once it was funded, I worked as lead designer and writer during its first two major releases.

Includes excerpts from a world-building document, a gameplay loop, story arcs, and a tutorial script.


Supply Chains Exhibit

An interactive outdoor exhibit on the hidden costs of global supply chains that will travel across North America, starting in late 2020. Developed in partnership with the UBC School of Journalism, Emily Carr University, and the Centre for Digital Media.

Includes excerpt from the initial concept brief.